Things change……..

For I am the first and  the last

I am the venerated and the despised 

I am prostitute and the saint 

I am wife and virgin ……….

Always respect me ;

For I am the shameful and the magnificent one.

(Hymn of Isis)

I was thirteen when it happened for the first time. He was my cousin, he touched me in an inappropriate manner. I was taken aback but I did nothing. I just ignored him. I never told my parents about this. I was ashamed of this.

After one year, a teacher of mine did the same thing. This time I reacted but not as fiercely as I should have.

(I was a coward.)

On 16th December 2012, a girl was raped in a bus. Rape was so brutal that she succumbed to her injuries on 29th December 2016. People came out for her, demanding for justice. This case changed a lot of things. New laws were made, police became more sensitive, nirbhaya fund was created but it failed to change the Society.

This incident scared the shit out of me. I was afraid of stepping out of my house, I was afraid of taking bus, I was afraid staying out till night. I was afraid of being a girl. 

Many a times I simply surrender to nasty comments, piercing gaze and moral policing. I simply cowed down.

(Don’t pity me, I’m a bitch now)

I grew up and started to socialize. One day I was sitting with my friends when a junior told us that a teacher touched her boobs( without her permission).This freaked us out, even I reacted!

Perhaps it’s easy to fight for others. But it changed me, it empowered me. I can stand for my self now. Nothing can scare me any more. I take public transportation now and without any fear. I can stand for my self, I can fight for myself. I am not afraid of being a girl now.

Grief does not change you, it reveals you.


I am up to no good😊

Dear stomach,  you are not hungry, you are bored. So, shut up and let me concentrate on my mind. 

Knowing that no one is reading this my work becomes lot more easier. Since this is my first post I must make this clear,  I am a terrible writer! I have not even decided what this blog will deal with. 

I am girl, eighteen years old who hails from India. A nation with so many problems, politics so very interesting (with Rahul Gandhi never failing to annoy his mama) , food so spicy, people so talented and such a rich culture. With so many things happening around it becomes really difficult to choose ‘a topic’. Specially when I have a life so in happening and so much of nonsense going on in my head on hourly basis! 

Even if my mind will suffer from loose motion of thoughts even then something will be left inside as I have opinion on everything from Donald Trump to IPL. 

I am seriously hungry now.