I am up to no good😊

Dear stomach,  you are not hungry, you are bored. So, shut up and let me concentrate on my mind. 

Knowing that no one is reading this my work becomes lot more easier. Since this is my first post I must make this clear,  I am a terrible writer! I have not even decided what this blog will deal with. 

I am girl, eighteen years old who hails from India. A nation with so many problems, politics so very interesting (with Rahul Gandhi never failing to annoy his mama) , food so spicy, people so talented and such a rich culture. With so many things happening around it becomes really difficult to choose ‘a topic’. Specially when I have a life so in happening and so much of nonsense going on in my head on hourly basis! 

Even if my mind will suffer from loose motion of thoughts even then something will be left inside as I have opinion on everything from Donald Trump to IPL. 

I am seriously hungry now. 



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